Dharma Practice Group

 28th April - 19th May 2021

Every Wednesday, 6.30pm - 8.30pm (GMT)


4 Weeks

Led by:

Ethan Pollock



Online via Zoom (pre-course guidance available)



(Bursary Places available, please email for details)



Have you benefited from mindfulness meditation? Are you wondering how to take your practice further?

In this course we will explore the Buddha's teachings on meditation, where mindfulness is just one key aspect to help us cultivate more peace, understanding and compassion.

Over 4 weeks we will explore our personal meditation practice through the lens of a key Buddhist teaching - 'The Four Foundations of Mindfulness'. The course will be a mixture of teachings and experiential practices, designed to help you strengthen and develop your personal practice, and gain confidence in cultivating different ways of being in the world.


  • Learn about key Buddhist ideas- The Four Foundations of Mindfulness. We will explore this themes as a practical guide to finding more wellbeing in our lives.

  • Explore Buddhist teachings on meditation in the spirit of open-minded inquiry; you are encouraged to be discerning and explore what is beneficial in your own practice.

  • Find practical and concrete methods to develop your meditation and daily mindfulness practice.

  • Keep a daily meditation journal and receive regular individual feedback on your meditation practice from Ethan.

  • Find new ways to be present with the breath, body, emotions, thinking and awareness.

  • Learn to engage, be aware and bring ease to your experience whatever it is.

  • Learn key skills such as curiosity, ease, joy, composure, awareness, engagement and letting go.

  • Move beyond mindfulness and learn how to cultivate other helpful qualities of mind.

  • Learn more about key Buddhist ideas such as impermanence, interdependence, letting go and awakening and how they might help relieve stress in your life.





Class activities include guided meditations, short teachings, and group discussions.

Each week you will be given home practice to deepen and integrate your understanding.

You will be encouraged to engage in a daily meditation practice during the course, to keep a journal and receive individual feedback on your meditation practice.

A small group number allows for a sense of community and connection with the teacher.


Meditators with at least 1 year of practice.

Ideally you should be comfortable sitting unguided for 30 minutes.





Dharma Practice Group

 28th April - 19th May 2021

Every Wednesday, 6.30pm - 8.30pm




(Please email if you need financial assistance to join)



Ethan Pollock

Ethan has been facilitating mindfulness groups and retreats for over a decade. He currently teaches mindfulness and Buddhism at the nationally acclaimed Sharpham Trust, and local Buddhist and meditation groups around the UK. He spent five years practicing with internationally renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village, and has extensive personal retreat experience. His teaching helps people touch more calm and ease in their everyday lives by bringing awareness and appreciation to simple daily activities, retreatants especially love his guided meditations!

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