This retreat will offer an immersive experience of mindful living practices and a space to explore our relationship to happiness and social change,  through enjoying mindfulness practice and creatively drawing on the philosophy and framework of Gross National Happiness from Bhutan. Facilitated by a dynamic team of members from Mindful Living Retreats, The Museum of Happiness and Representatives of The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan.

Cultivating a mindful life we build the capacity to understand what happiness and wellbeing mean to us and what supports them in our life. We find ways to be empowered to act that move us in the direction we want and away from suffering. In learning to live our life mindfully, we expand our scope of vision and learn to see that happiness and suffering are not individual matters, but that they closely depend on our relationship to the world around us.

By reclaiming our own happiness and creating a more meaningful life we help shape new directions for society. A happier world begins within ourselves. It starts from our understanding of the inner and outer dimensions that shape our happiness, and then the ways we bring our understanding into practice. 

Exploring the inner dimension, we will practice the skills needed to foster our happiness and wellbeing in our everyday lives. We will explore how to deepen our capacity to be mindful and kind, to communicate truly and from our heart, and to take care of ourselves and life around us. In this way we truly learn to act from compassion and insight. On an outer dimension, we will explore both the perils and the challenges of our time. How we can move beyond a culture of consumerism and competition? Can we see the ways current social structures and ideological forces shape our lives and behaviour? In order to bring about a truly happy and life sustaining culture we have to reconsider our relationship to the natural world, each other and ourselves. In imagining a way forward, we will draw on the vision, the practice of and our experience with Gross National Happiness in Bhutan. 

Examining different areas of our life, we look at how our actions and lives in the world can embody and reflect a new paradigm shift: how can we be in the world so that our being brings more meaning and positive change, how do we create a new story for our society that reflects our dreams? And how do we put our values into reality?





  • A daily schedule offering the foundations of mindful living practices; sitting meditation, mindful walking, mindful eating, deep listening and communication

  • Exploring concrete skills and practices we can bring into our everyday lives

  • Engaging with creative and interactive pathways for examining our relationship with ourselves and society/the world

  • Spaces for community sharing, dialogue and connection

  • Opportunities to connect with the natural environment 

  • Reflective spaces for connecting with our intentions, dreams and  values 

  • Opportunities to reflect on, create and design new visions and stories for our future 





Immersing ourselves in a nourishing environment can bring back flow and ease into our body and mind.


Our venue in Ludlow is a timber-framed barn lovingly renovated to provide simple, homely and comfortable accommodation.  The grounds also consist of ancient trees and orchards with views of the surrounding countryside.


















  In order to support the basic running costs of the retreat we ask £250 (Early bird) - £275 (Standard)
This a base cost and does not yet support the livelihood of the facilitators. We believe however that we this work should be available to everyone.
So if you cannot afford the base costs, please contact us.
If you can give more, please do, and know that any contribution above the base costs supports the facilitators to sustain and share their dreams and this work further. 
Standard £275
Early Bird £250 (available until 14th November)

 Please fill out the form below, you will then be contacted individually with payment and joining instructions.

accomodation @ wandering william
zen garden
wandering william
lounge at wandering william
view from the owl barn

Reclaiming A Happier World

a Mindful Living Retreat exploring

Social change & Gross National Happiness 

 8th - 11th December 2016

Wandering William, Foldgate Farm,

Ludlow, Shropshire


Facilitated by Representatives of: