The Cure for It All by Julia Fehrenbacher

[Read during Sharpham Sit with Lucy, 29th March 2022]

Go gently today, don’t hurry or think about the next thing. Walk with the quiet trees, can you believe how brave they are—how kind? Model your life after theirs. Blow kisses at yourself in the mirror

especially when you think you’ve messed up. Forgive yourself for not meeting your unreasonable expectations. You are human, not God—don’t be so arrogant.

Praise fresh air clean water, good dogs. Spin something from joy. Open a window, even if it’s cold outside. Sit. Close your eyes. Breathe. Allow

the river of it all to pulse through eyelashes fingertips, bare toes. Breathe in breathe out. Breathe until

you feel your bigness, until the sun rises in your veins. Breathe until you stop needing anything to be different.

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