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Weekend Retreat

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Everyday Happiness

Bringing Mindfulness Home: An Online retreat


2nd-9th January 2022

Led by Michael Schwammberger

By Donation

There is a refundable £20 deposit to book your place.

We suggest a donation of £70-£150 or what you can afford and feel inspired to offer.



This online home retreat is suitable for all levels of experience.

An opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice and learn ways to integrate it into your daily life. This retreat helps us gradually learn to live life with more depth and happiness. 


The retreat includes two daily practice sessions as concrete ways to bring mindfulness into the rhythm of your day. We will come together each morning and evening, helping to create a genuine sense of community and togetherness as we develop our mindfulness practice. The retreat concludes with a weekend retreat where both days include talks, meditations and practices which will serve as a foundation to continue deepening your personal mindfulness practice.


This online course includes:



Two daily practice sessions; one in the morning to set our intentions and start the day mindfully and one evening session to wind down and reflect.



We will conclude with two full days of practice (Saturday and Sunday) that will give us a more solid and tangible sense of mindfulness practice and how to continue deepening and integrate mindfulness in our lives.



We gather online together; through the practice sessions and sharing spaces we recognise the shared joys and challenges that unite us all. Coming together with like-minded people also endeavouring to live meaningful and happy lives can inspire us to continue wherever we are on our mindfulness journey.



We will offer a number of resources to support you. (resources to help integrate mindfulness into your daily life, recorded meditations and reflections, short teaching videos)

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Retreat Schedule




7-8.30pm-Welcome session; Guided Meditation, Introductions, Opening Talk & Q&A



7.15am - Reflection & Guided Meditation (30m)

7pm-8.05pm- Evening Session including Meditation, Group Sharing and Guidance on practice.


10:00 am - Welcome
10:15 am - Guided sitting meditation (25’)
10:40 am - Mindful activity Off-line e.g. walking meditation - (30’)
11:10 am - Talk (40’)
11:50 am - Break (15’)
12:05 pm - Group sharing (40’)
12:45 pm – Short intro to eating in mindfulness (10’)
1:00 pm - Lunch break and rest (90’)
2:30 pm – Guided body scan/relaxation (20’)
2:50 pm - Q&A (40’)
3:30 pm – Short break (10)
3:40 pm – Sitting meditation (20’)
4:00 pm – Day ends


Michael Schwammberger began his practice at Gaia House, The Barn and Sharpham College in the early 90's; soon after inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh he was ordained as a monk and spent the next 15 years accompanying Thich Nhat Hanh on his teaching tours and living in the different monasteries of Plum Village. In 2012, after a sabbatical, he decided to return to lay life and now continues to guide retreats and courses as a lay teacher.


Michael Schwammberger

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7 Day Home Retreat

By Donation

There is a £20 refunable deposit to book your place.

We suggest a donation of £70-£150 or whatever you can afford.

As places are limited we collect a deposit to encourage attendance.



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