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For those who want individual support to develop their Mindfulness and Meditation practice.

You may have completed a mindfulness course and be wondering what's next or perhaps you have a meditation practice but are feeling stuck and looking for personalised guidance that you can't get from an App or a book. If so, then 1:1 mindfulness mentoring could be a beneficial option for you.

Benefits of a Mindfulness Mentor

  • Regular personal contact with an experienced mindfulness teacher and practitioner

  • The ability to check in with your Mentor about your practice

  • Explore specific practices in more depth

  • Explore blocks and emerging themes in your practice

  • Receive personal advice, guidance, clarifications sensitive to where you are in your practice

  • Help keep your practice alive as well as help to deepen and integrate it with your everyday life


What may a Mindfulness Mentor session involve?

  • Prior to becoming a Mentee, completing a short questionnaire 

  • Beginning with a short practice and inquiry

  • The Mentee bringing any reflections and questions about their practice to the Mentor

  • Exploring questions together via reflective inquiry 

  • The Mentor may give pointers or suggestions for practice for the Mentee to explore


Personal Investment

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and are £45 or £90 respectively.




Copy of White, Blue and Yellow Sunshine

Ethan Pollock

This self paced course takes you through the basics of building a daily meditation practice. The course materials are offered freely. Sign up for mentorship and Ethan will be with you at every step to offer feedback and guidance.



Ethan Pollock mindfulness

Ethan Pollock

1:1 Mentorship, explore themes of relevance to you; Mindfulness in Daily life, Meditation Practice, Buddhism and Mindful Communication



Lucy Chan mindfulness self compassion te

Lucy Chan

1:1 Mentorship, explore themes of relevance to you; Self Compassion, Bringing Kindness to Practice, Heart Based Practices.



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