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Donate to Mindful Living Retreats

"Without a bursary to attend Lucy and Ethan's weekend retreat, I wouldn't have been able to join. I'm so glad that I could! There's recently been a lot of stress and unhappiness in my life and I found the retreat to be a wonderful way of re-connecting me with the things that I find sustaining. I really hope that those who are able can continue to contribute to the bursary fund, so that others can benefit from spending time on retreat as I have."  

-Bursary place recipient, August 2019


Mindful Living Retreats is a non-profit organisation and we rely on the help of our friends, retreatants and supporters to help us connect as many people as possible to mindfulness, nature and community.

This fund will support those in financial difficulty to attend our retreats at a reduced rate.

It will help us reach out to those who are supporting society, offering practices that can protect from burn out and transform working enviroments.

It will help us share these practices in an affordable way to young adults.

If you'd like to help us, you can either make a one off or monthly donation.


Any support you can offer will be very gratefully received. 


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