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About Retreats

Upcoming Retreats:

25-27 October 2024
Resilience in the Age of Burnout
Weekend in Stroud
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23-27 December 2024

Christmas Retreat
4 nights in Devon
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Learn the art of mindful living.

A Journey of Radical Self-Discovery.

Our retreats and courses teach a way to live life deeply in the present moment, helping you find calmness, stability and clarity of mind.


We are committed to respecting your own unique journey with us and will help gently guide you to practices that can nourish and enrich your life.


We provide a sense of safety, support and community for you to explore your own heart and mind.

Retreats provide you with an immersive experience of Mindful Living; being in a beautiful natural enviroment, surrounded by supportive people on the same journey creates a much deeper inner change, and profound relaxation, even if it’s just for a weekend!

Retreats are far more experiential than a course or a seminar (where you might just sit and listen) we come together to support each other to really 'walk the walk' and experience for ourselves how things can shift when we stay close to the present moment. A retreat can give us the space to truly process and integrate the teachings, leading to more profound and long lasting change. Plus there is more chance to talk, recieve support and form friendships than a course or seminar allows for.

Many of us struggle to sustain our mindful practice at home, retreats provide a precious enviroment that supports us 100% to show up and be present for ourselves... to offer the kindness our bodies and hearts may have been needing for a long time.

Is a retreat right for me?

Mindful Living Retreats are a place to recharge, heal and reconnect to the wonders and simple pleasures of life. If the answer is yes to any of these questions one of our retreats is probably a good fit for you:

  1. You know the benefits of mindfulness but find it hard to make it a regular part of your life?

  2. You are completely new to mindfulness and want a deep and lived experience to start your journey?

  3. You spend your life taking care of other people's needs and need space to listen to your own?

  4. Rushing is a way of life; you work hard, play hard, but stuggle to stop and relax?

  5. You are looking for some deeper meaning but also want something grounded and relatable?

  6. You love mindfulness and want an immersive experience to help you take it to the next level?



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