Mindful Living Retreats Mindful Writing Course

Mindful Journalling

20th Jan-10th Feb 2022

Thursdays 7-8.30pm

Explore mindful journalling to develop presence, self reflection and creativity. A 4-week course in an intimate group.



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Insight Meditation

Self Paced Learning

Start a home meditation practice today! Everything you need to build a strong foundation, at a time and place that suits you! Tutor support available.



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8 Week Mindful Self-Compassion Course

18th Feb - 8th April 2022

Fridays, 6.30 - 9pm

Develop the vital skills of self-kindness & self-care within a supportive community.



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Monthly Online Drop-in

 Second Wednesday of the month 7- 8.30pm

Join us on the SECOND Wednesday of every month to practice under the guidance of our skilled facilitators.




A life with more meaning.

Mindfulness and Compassion training.

Concrete ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

Learn to relax and enjoy life with more authenticity, integrity and purpose.

Dedicated teachers with decades of practice and teaching experience.

 Build a strong foundation of mindfulness practice. All our teachers are committed practitioners with many years of personal retreat experience.




Learn the art of mindful living.

A Journey of Radical Self-Discovery.

Our retreats and courses teach a way to live life deeply in the present moment, helping you find calmness, stability and clarity of mind.

Our facilitators are all deeply dedicated mindfulness practitioners and teachers with decades of  experience. We are committed to respecting your own unique journey with us and will help gently guide you to practices that can nourish and enrich your life; helping you navigate the peaks and the pitfalls of life-changing Mindful Living practices.


We provide a sense of safety, support and community for you to explore your own heart and mind- So when you return to your everday life it will be with a deeper sense of purpose and peace.