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Ethan Pollock Lucy Chan mindfulness day

We have extensive experience creating tailored mindfulness programmes for a variety of organisations. Contact us at to arrange a company specific workshop, course or programme bespoke to you.



Research shows mindfulness training can lead to:

  • Greater resilience to stress

  • Better focus

  • Improved mental health

  • Increased mental clarity

  •  Improved decision making

  •  More effective communication

  • Improved empathy- leading to better teamwork

  • Increases in creativity and innovation

It's been refreshing. I feel more calm and have gained some perspective.

Our Workshops

• Led by expert mindfulness teachers

• Informative and interactive

• Resources provided for use at home

Safe and responsive to needs of group


It's given me the tools to step back from my workload and evaluate my stress levels rather than downward spiraling.

Tailored Service

Depending on your needs we can provide:

  • 1 -2 hour workshops

  •  Half day and full day workshops

  • Courses

  •  Bespoke programmes available

I feel better able to cope with my negative feelings and concentrate on getting my day under control. This allows me to focus more on the good parts and allow mindfulness to help with the difficulties.


Organisations we've worked with


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