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Day Retreats

Day Retreats allow you to experience some of the immersive quality of being on retreat without such a big time commitment. They are also a great way to keep your mindfulness practice fresh and engaged between retreats and to find a supportive community in which to grow and develop.


Our day retreats offer the opportunity for mindfulness and compassion practices to come to life and be integrated into the way you live. We choose beautiful natural locations  and offer time throughout the day to be outside, enjoying the blue sky and walking on the grass.


Day Retreats provide you with a safe and guided space, held by a trained and embodied facilitator. There will be space to learn through talks, guided practices and dialogue with fellow retreatants as well as relaxing and fun exploratory exercises. We aim to create a gentle, down-to-earth space welcoming participants from all walks of life and meeting you where you are at.

Join us for a Day Retreat in 2020 or one of our upcoming residential retreats.....





Donation based day of mindfulness for 18-35 year olds.....


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