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The Voice Calling You Home by Jane O'Shea

Take off your muddied work coat

toiling so hard to make yourself something else

Stop shouting for the knocking to finish

you need simply to open the door

Someone will hand you a rich moist cake

and say, the time for celebration has come

Time for you to rest, my friend

your searching has come to an end

Open the door and come right in

You will find the handle

on the inside of your heart

Someone has left the light on

with a note to welcome you home

Take off your dusty traveler's clothes

leave them right there on the road

Someone will run you a long hot bath

and say, you can soak as long as you need

Hear the knocking of your soul

asking you to answer the door

Leave your taskmaster’s clothes on the doorstep

as someone has laid out your artist’s clothes

They are clean and bright

smelling expectant and new

waiting patiently here for you

Someone has turned back and warmed your bed

fragrant pillows to welcome you in

An old familiar voice hums to you soft and low

And sings

Do you not know how fine you are?

Do you not know how fine?

It’s time to come home and rest, my friend

It’s time to come in from the cold.

- Jane O'Shea (previously Jane Pujji)

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