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Plum Village Retreat

Dear Friends,

The days are growing warmer and the longest day has come and gone. It's time to experience delight as cool breezes brush our skin, and concern over the ever warming planet.

Lucy and I have returned from 2 weeks of personal retreat in Plum Village monastery. After a long break from personal retreat time during covid it was a joy to have the time and space to breathe, walk mindfully and be re-inspired by the path of practice.

The unusually warm days were spent outside, reminding us of the importance of the natural world in calling us home to the present moment. The gentle, frequent reminders to come back to ourselves slowly settled and calmed us and gave us space to care for difficult emotions. Old friends and experienced teachers inspired us and gave fresh insights about how we want to live in this world.

As we arrive back home we feel deeply grateful for all those who have mastered and passed on these timeless teachings of understanding and compassion. We also feel deeply grateful to all of you who give us the opportunity to share and pass on these teachings and practices.

Much love,


(From our Newsletter)

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