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Compassionate Letter Writing

How to write yourself a love letter.

  1. Find your 'voice'

You can write this letter from your compassionate self to you. From the perspective of a compassionate friend or presence that cares deeply about you. Or even writing a letter to someone else who is in the same situation as you.

2. Start with appreciation What do you love, appreciate or enjoy about yourself? This can be challenging but try to recognise at least 3 good qualities you see in yourself- it might just be a good intention, a skill you have developed or a simple act of kindness performed long ago. What do others appreciate about you? 3. Express any regrets This is a chance to apologise to yourself for any harsh treatment or self-unkindness in the past. We are gently acknowledging a

ny hurt or pain in our relationship to yourself and expressing our intention to move in a kinder more accepting direction. 4. Offer compassion for any difficulties you are facing If you are experiencing a challenge or difficulty this is a chance to offer yourself some love, compassion and encouragement. You can use these 3 steps; Mindfulness: acknowledging the hurt or difficulty, Common humanity: recognising you are not alone and Self Compassion: offering gentle tenderness or even some fierce compassion (protection and motivation)!

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